Continuări din străinătate (3)

Am revenit cu a treia ediție din Continuări din Străinătate. Astăzi am ales continuarea cărții Nu plânge sub clar de lună de Heather Davis.

Sometimes by Moonlight by Heather Davis

It’s bad enough that the guy Shelby fell in love with at brat camp last summer had a dark secret, but helping him protect it has come at a huge cost. It’s goodbye, Beverly Hills mansion; hello, creepy Swiss boarding school.

What could be worse than doing time at Steinfelder Academy for Girls? Not hearing a word from her summer boyfriend, Austin Bridges III. Shelby’s not even sure that the sacrifice she made for him meant anything, especially after she spies him in the tabloids with a European pop princess.

But Austin’s more than your average son-of-a-rockstar werewolf hottie, and his connection to Shelby is stronger than she realizes.

As the days grow darker and the school prepares for holiday break, Austin arrives to explain the real reasons he’s stayed away. Suddenly, Shelby begins to understand her improved senses, her need for moonlight, and her growing hunger. Now trapped at Steinfelder, with its ties to an ancient, bloody brotherhood, Shelby realizes that loving Austin will cost her more than she could have imagined.

A dangerous full moon approaches for Shelby and Austin in this ebook novella sequel to the popular Young Adult romance Never Cry Werewolf.

Din păcate, cartea există doar în format ebook. Poate Leda se îndură și o va tipări. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Continuări din străinătate (3)

  1. Puff, cei de la Leda n-o pot tipări până n-o fac mai întâi cei din America. Deci dacă U.S. n-o tipărește, nu prea există șanse să apară și la noi. : (

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