You’ll get infected!

The amazing Megan Crewe is giving away 6 SETS (!) like the one you see on the right. It’s made of Give up the ghost, The Way We Fall, The Way We Fall notebook, bookmark, pen, magnet and hand sanitizer. With such a great prize being given away, I would like to participate, too, but I need your help. So, please comment on this post, saying pretty much anything you like, just infect yourself! It would really mean a lot to me! If you want to infect other people, too, go over at Megan’s blog post. Thank you!

Below is the trailer of The Way We Fall:



55 thoughts on “You’ll get infected!

  1. Ooomph! *falls over* You just infected me with the awesomeness of Megan Crewe! 😀 So excited to read her books! I have a copy of The Way We Fall that I am super excited to dive into soon, it sounds amazing!

    Eeeee! And good luck! I hope you win!

  2. Câţi ne-am înscris din România! Mult succes ţie şi tuturor, să-i luam câţi mai mulţi premiile lui Megan Crewe. 😀

  3. OMGOMGOMGOMG this is SUCH AN AWESOME giveaway!! Megan Crewe is AMAZING <33 I actually find it scary how everyone has to 'infect' others because in the way we fall 'infecting' actually results in well….pretty disastrous things for the people! But anyway, HOPE YOU WIN!!!!! :DDDDD

    P.S The Way We Fall is super amazing<3 I absolutely LOVED it!!

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