Can you keep a secret? by Isabella Kruger

Delicious is an anonymous tweeter. She tweets about all of the scandals of Hudson High and especially about 4 high class Upper East Side kids. However, these aren’t just ordinary kids from the Upper East Side – they are vampires!

When the queen bitch of Hudson high, Chloe Evans, returns after not being seen or heard from in 6 months, she finds that she has been dethroned as Hudson High’s queen Bee… but not just by anyone, but by her best friend Bridgette. To make things worse, Bree is dating Chloe’s boyfriend Josh Keller.

Patrick is Hudson High’s notorious heir and bad boy keeps everyone on their toes by plotting and scheming with his best friend Starla Monroe.

Don’t worry, Delicious is always just a tweet away reporting on all of Hudson High’s biggest and juiciest secrets!


23 thoughts on “Can you keep a secret? by Isabella Kruger

  1. Am citit si eu despre aceasta carte pe goodreads si mi s-a parut super amuzanta 🙂
    Imi plac si titlul si coperta si descrierea 😀
    Cu siguranta, as vrea sa o citesc!

  2. Mi-a placut descrierea, mi-ar placea s-o citesc ! e ceva legat de serialul Gossip Girl ( 1 sezon ) dar si vampiri.

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