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Author Sara Celi has stopped by today with a guest post for The Undesirable Blog Tour!

Just Do It. Just Write.

Ever since I wrote The Undesirable, people have asked me how I did it–how I finished it. A lot of people have asked, and I alway struggle with the answer.

The fact is, I just did it. I had an idea in my head, I mulled over it for awhile, and then one day I sat down and started to write. One page became two, the then four, then ten.

And at some point, the idea took hold and I just couldn’t stop typing. Then I outlined the story–and at one point, I could almost see the story take shape. I felt compelled to keep writing as if something inside me was finally breaking loose. It sounds lofty, I know, but it’s pretty much exactly what happened. Once I started on a roll, I could not stop. What’s more–I didn’t want to, not even for one minute.

In the early fall of 2012, while in the middle of edits for the book, I attended a writing conference at Rose State College in Oklahoma City–a “writing short course” if you will. As he closed the course, Bill Bernhardt told everyone there that making writing a habit is one of the most important things to do during the creative process. He said the funny thing was (and I am paraphrasing here), working on something a little every day would make parts of the story come alive in other ways—like on a morning drive, or while washing dishes, or while doing the laundry. Pretty soon, he said, you’d start getting ideas and vision for the story from everywhere.

His advice is spot on.

So, in the end, that’s my advice, too. If you want to write a novel–just do it. Make a commitment, sit down, fire up the computer, and start. Write and write and write every day until 1000 words becomes 10,000 and then 40,000 and beyond. Resolve to do it–and then… just do it!


Title: The Undesirable

Author: Sara Celi

Publisher: Lowe Interactive Media

Pages: 225

Book Description:

*This book is Mature YA/ New Adult. It is recommended for readers 14 and over.*

What if everything you knew turned out to be a lie?

Charlotte Walker knows how to live under the rule of The Party. She has managed for 18 years. She helps out her drunken mother and keeps life going at a familiar, steady pace. She doesn’t ask questions, even though she has many of them in her heart.

Fostino Sanchez knows how to live under the rule of The Party, too. For 19 years, he’s worked to be the perfect Party member. He knows what must be done to keep Maxwell Cooper in power, and how find the The Undesirables that threaten to take away everything that matters.

As the months go by, what matters most to Fostino is Charlotte Walker.

While their love blooms, danger comes to Charlotte and Fostino’s small hometown of Harrison Corners, OH. Threats they never knew existed could take away all that they care about. And just when these two teens think they know what will come next, Charlotte learns the truth about a secret she has long suspected.

What Charlotte finds out changes everything.


THE UNDESIRABLE is Charlotte Walker’s story, from her point of view. It is a thrilling, suspenseful tale of love, curiosity, adversity, and maturity against the backdrop of a futuristic war.

Should Charlotte trust Fostino with what she knows? Can she trust anyone? Will she find it in herself to rise up against terrible odds? What if the ultimate Undesirable is her?

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About Sara Celi


New Orleans born Sara Celi has lived all over the United States. She calls the Greater Cincinnati area and the Queen City home.

She’s currently a TV reporter and anchor in Oklahoma City, and has spent more than a decade working in journalism. She graduated cum laude from Western Kentucky University in 2004.

Celi is also a contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Positive.

The Undesirable is her debut novel.

In her spare time, she likes to read, shop, write, travel, run long distances, volunteer with the Junior League, and fundraise for Cooperative for Education, a non-profit providing educational opportunities for Guatemalan kids.


17 thoughts on “The Undesirable by S. Celi Blog Tour

  1. Wow! Deci ea e unul dintre ‘Undesirable’! Si eu ma intreb cum va afecta acest fapt relatia ei cu Fostino, luand in considerare educatia lui 🙂 Dar coperta-e geniala (cu acele flacari)! Imi place si sfatul pe care l-a primit scriitoarea- cum poti sa fi influentat de lucruri marunte si aparent banale atunci cand vrei sa scrii o carte 🙂

  2. Primul lucru care l-am observat cand am deschis postarea, este COPERTA. E geniala, o ador.
    Este povestea lui Charlotte Walker si este povestita din punctul ei de vedere. Sunt curioasa daca este ca un fel de jurnal personal al acesteia, cum a fost si Spulbera-ma. Daca ar fi asa, mi-ar placea si mai mult.

    • Asa e-coperta e o opera de arta 🙂 si mi-a placut atat de mult ‘Spulbera-ma’-ar fi extraordinar daca si aceasta carte ar fi sub forma unui jurnal 🙂 si chiar daca nu este cred ca mi-ar placea pt ca premisa suna foarte bine 🙂

      • Ai dreptate. Descrierea chiar ma fce curioasa si mi-ar place sa citesc cartea. Pacat ca la noi nu va aparea, cel putin nu curand.

  3. Mie nu mi se pare chiar asa extraordinara. Adica povestea e umpic cam tipica nimic nou , asta reiese din descriere . Eu una astept niste recenzii ca descrierea te lasa cam in aer

  4. Imi place cum suna cartea, imi plac cele din domeniul young adult, sunt o romantica incurabila, coperta e minunata cu focul ala pe coperta, pot sa spun ca urmaresc multe bloguri si am invatat titluri de carti doar de pe bloguri dar de ea nu stiam pana acum

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