Review – The Boy Recession by Flynn Meaney

Title: The Boy Recession
Author: Flynn Meaney
Publisher: Poppy
Publication year: 2012
Pages: 246
Source: Received from the author in exchange of an honest review
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In Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, the boys are ‘migrating’ to other cities with more possibilities for their students. So Whitefish Bay is left with very few boys and the girls officially pronounce this a ‘boy recession’, having no boyfriends and dates for the prom left. And because of this,  slacker drum player Hunter and his friends lately begin to be noticed by the girls.

Kelly doesn’t have drama in her plans, though. She wants to find a nice boy to like and be with and she set her shy eyes on… Hunter. Out of the blue, she discovers buried feelings and starts competing with bitchy Diva Price for Hunter’s heart. Somehow, she ends up with the new band mate and is diagnosed with mononucleosis.

In a whirl of drama, lies, music, school plays, old  friendships and new relationships, will Kelly and Hunter find the way to each other’s hearts? Or will they be separated by the pressure from school and friends?

My thoughts:

*I’d like to thank Flynn Meaney, from who I received this book in exchange of an honest review.*

This book was, as Kelly would say about Hunter, was ”nice and easy”. A light and fun book, it’s a refreshing weekend read with witty characters, who aren’t very profound and don’t provide too much depth but are very identifiable with a lot of teenage readers.

The book is told from two POV’s: Kelly’s and Hunter’s. The author managed to give each character its own unique voice, making it easy for them to be loved by the readers. What I didn’t really like though, was that The Boy Recession doesn’t really have much action. I know it’a contemporary, but nothing big really happened, just normal high school life. Maybe Flynn Meaney wanted to write a realistic book, but that’s why we read books, right? To escape our lives for a while and enter a world where a lot of things are possible.

As for the romance, again, Kelly and Hunter’s relationship is just like in real life: neither knows of the other one’s feelings until, well…. I’ll leave it to you to find out (that’s, of course, if you read the book) 🙂 But it evolved a bit too slow at times, and at other times it was obvious there was something going on between the two.

As I read the book, I found myself flipping through the pages, going from page 60 to page 100 in a very short period of time. The Boy Recession is an easy read, and it doesn’t have many ”complicated” words and metaphors, which is exactly what I’m usually looking for in a YA contemporary.

So, yes, I liked the book, even though I expected it to be somewhat more action-packed, but it was fine. What I did like, though, was that Meaney made the characters sound just like us, teens, so that was a big plus for me. Overall, I enjoyed The Boy Recession and if you’re looking for a light weekend read, then this is the book for you.

My rating: 3.50-Sterne

The Boy Recession quotes:

” The are about two hundred fifty kids total. so our principal likes to go around bragging about how much ‘individual attention’ we all get, like it’s a good thing. Individual attention is a terrible thing. If you skip one class, everyone knows about it. The teacher will track you down, or one of the guidance counselors will track you down and ask if you’re smoking pot. According to the geniuses running the place, the only reason you would skip class is if you’re smoking pot, though I actually find my classes more enjoyable when I’m high.”

” ” How would you describe this outfit?” Aviva whispers to me and Darcy.
Leaning across me, Darcy whispers back, ” Gas-station casual.” ”

” He smiles at me, too – this cute smirk that curls one side of his mouth up – and I’m pretty sure we’re not going anywhere as friends.”


26 thoughts on “Review – The Boy Recession by Flynn Meaney

  1. I seriously want to read this book! I wanted to read this a long time ago, but I can’t find it here, and I bought other books, and I truly want to read this book!

  2. si mie imi place cartea asta am auzit si pe alte bloguri despre ea este super, mi-ar placea insa sa apara si in limba romana ca asa m-as descurca mult mai bine

      • Eu le-am recomandat-o deja celor de la Epica, si am inteles ca mai multi bloggeri au facut acest lucru. Cei de la Epica au spus ca vor lua in considerare cumpararea drepturilor pt. carte.

      • E o mare posibilitate sa fiu singura care ar vrea asta, dar nu am putea sa le recomandam carti de John Green? Am auzit de la cei de la Editura Trei ca vor lansa The Fault in Our Stars in Mai-Iunie, dar am putea sa ii intrebam de Looking For Alaska, pentru ca eu as citi-o si cumara-o si probabil ca ar fi multi care ar vrea sa le cumpere si nu pot sa le ia din alte tari pentru ca sunt prea scumpe or smth.

      • Au contractat cei de la trei The Fault In Our Stars? Habar n-aveam. Nu am citit nimic de el, dar am auzit foarte multe pareri bune. Ar fi o idee sa li-l recomanzi celor de la Epica.

      • Eu am sa rog mai multi prieteni sa trimita mail celor de la Epica pentru Looking for Alaska. Iti recomand orice carte de la John. Am citit doar trei carti de-ale lui, si ambele au fost incredibil de bune! Merita foarte mult sa ii cumperi cartile. Ti-as recomanda The Fault in Our Stars cel mai mult si Will Grayson Will Grayson. Sunt ambele hilare, prima fiind totusi putin mai serioasa, si putin tragica in a doua jumatate.

      • @romina gianina: in cas ca nu ai citit vreo carte de John, scrie incredibil! E un autor foarte bun si merita tradus si publicat la noi. I-am reintrebat pe cei de la editura trei cand vor publica The Fault in Our Stars s au zis ca o vor publica in mai-iunie! Effyeah!!

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